The Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs, the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, the Ontario Peer Initiative and the Ontario Association of Patient Councils have formed a partnership, called the EnAbling Change Project, to assist Ontario mental health and addictions service providers in meeting their obligations under the customer service standard. The Accessibility of Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, is a law that allows the government to develop and enforce accessibility standards.  The customer service standard is the first standards developed under the AODA. The EnAbling Change Project will focus on supplying service providers with templates, workshops, training material and best practice guides so that they can meet the requirements of the customer service standard.
  The project will involve service providers and their clients to ensure:
§       service providers needs are understood
§       resources and tools are tailored to the mental health and addictions service provider community
§       compliance with the AODA is achieved
 This will be done in several ways:
§       asking all service providers to participate in an on-line survey to understand their needs
§       relying on feedback from service providers and their clients to assist in the development and evaluation of the  resources and tools
§       taking guidance from the partners in this project 
Fact sheet explains the Enabling Change project
If you want in-depth information about the Enabling Change project or the survey, refer to the Enabling Change Fact Sheet which is attached.  There you will find information about the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the customer service standard, the partnership among OFCMHAP, the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, the Ontario Peer Development Initiative and the Ontario Association of Patient Councils, and why you are being asked to participate through this survey.
 Meeting the Customer Standard is Mandatory
If you are a public sector organization designated in the standards, you must comply by January 1, 2010
All private business, non-profit organizations or any other service provider with at least one employee in Ontario must comply with the regulation by January 1, 2012 or face penalties.
 SERVICE PROVIDER SURVEY Your opinion counts

All service providers will have the opportunity to participate in the on-line survey that will be available during the second and third weeks of February 2009.  It’s important all service providers participate to ensure the tools and resources that the partnership develops meet the needs of service providers and their clients.

Survey OverviewOn-Line The survey will be an on-line survey.  An email invitation will be sent to all service providers and it will contain the password for accessing the survey.
 Anonymous – It will be anonymous.  The raw data will have any identifying email information stripped off.  Only the compiled data will be shared.  The project manager will delete identifying information from your comments.
 Easy The survey will be easy to complete.  It will mainly be check-boxes or short answers. 
Preparation for SurveyHowever, you will be asked a series of categorical questions that may take preliminary work in order for you to answer these questions:
 §       How many clients did your organization serve between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008?
§       How many clients did your organization serve between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008 who have a disability (types of disability are listed)
.§       How many staff members and volunteers did your organization have at the end of December 2008? 
Able to Return to Survey – The survey will be set up to allow you to return to your survey at any time prior to the survey cut-off date to change information or complete it. 
Fast – The survey should not take more than 15 minutes.  But if you have lots of opinions, ideas and solutions, it may take a bit longer. 
Other Attachments
Two additional PDF attachments from the Ministry of Community and Social Services are included for further information:
Websites of Interest
§       Access ON website is www.AccessON.ca
§       Ministry of Community and Social Services website about the customer service standards is http://www.cfcs.gov.on.ca/mcss/english/pillars/accessibilityOntario/accesson/compliance/customer/
§       OFCMHAP’s website is http://www.ofcmhap.on.ca/