About Us

About Us


The first meeting of what became the Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs, usually referred to as the Federation, was in July of 1985. There was a series of meetings of successively larger groups of agency representatives who met to share resources and explore common issues. It was discovered that the issues faced were the same, regardless of the nature of the agency, its service or its location. The issues were independent of the individual manager and were, in fact, the issues of the service organizations and the broader system.

Federation Definition of Community

"Community" is defined by more than location and/or funding source. The nature of the services and organizations themselves is the essential determining consideration in defining "community", relative to community mental health and addictions programs. Given the importance and implications of understanding what community means, we have adopted the following "Values- Based" definition. The Operational Correlates clarify these principles. "Community" agencies are defined as agencies that demonstrate a commitment to operate services based on values which:

Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement:

The federation brings together community mental health and addiction services in the province of ontario to help members provide effective, high-quality services through information sharing, education, advocacy and unified effort.

Vision Statement:

The federation envisions a community mental health and addiction system which is accessible, flexible, comprehensive and responsive to the needs of individuals, families and communities, shaped by many partnerships, respectful of human dignity and rights, and accountable to those it serves.

Statement of Objects

To work collaboratively with representatives of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs in Ontario toward enhancing the community mental health and addiction system.

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